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Knowledgeable Representation In Your High-Asset Divorce

If you and your spouse have substantial assets, the prospect of divorce can be an uncertain experience for many reasons. You may not know the proper action to take to ensure that you are able to protect the things for which you worked so hard over the years.

Our lawyers can serve as experienced guides throughout your high-asset divorce. We have a deep understanding of Kentucky’s marital property laws and will do everything we can to promote a reasonable resolution of the outstanding matters in your family law case.

Finding Simple Solutions To Complex Property Problems

You may be surprised to learn that property division in divorce cases need only be considered “fair” to both parties. This means an equal split of all the assets you and your spouse own may not be the only resolution. Coming to an agreement on what is fair can be really difficult in these cases, and they often end up having to go to trial. It is our goal to achieve a fair resolution by agreement, but if that proves impossible, we will aggressively pursue a resolution by the court.

Our lawyers assist with several important issues in high-asset divorces, including:

  • Working with financial professionals to gain an accurate picture of a couple’s assets
  • Determining the value of a business owned by one or both spouses
  • Discussing long-term plans for the business and their impact on marital property division
  • Reviewing and dividing any 401(k)s, pensions or other retirement assets accumulated during the marriage
  • Evaluating options regarding the couple’s marital home or equity in the home

You may be tempted to try to reason with your ex in the hopes of avoiding a trial so that you can put this behind you. You have to understand that this is a dangerous approach to take, as once your divorce has been finalized, it can be almost impossible to go back and make any changes to the orders put in place.

Over the years, we have seen many people who have destroyed their financial future by entering into bad property division agreements. You have to take the time to explore your options to truly know what is best for you.

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