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Do not let these charges ruin your future. An aggressive defense is necessary to help you fight back in your case. To schedule a consultation, please call Elizabeth Hughes or James Inman at 859-475-1471 .


Defending Professionals Accused Of White Collar Crimes

There is a myth that white collar crimes are not as serious as other types of criminal charges. This is not the case, as law enforcement and prosecutors devote significant time and resources toward investigating these crimes. When they have the paper trail they need to bring charges, they will do everything they can to seek the strongest possible punishment.

Green Chesnut & Hughes, PLLC, will help you prepare a defense against these charges. We have decades of experience with complex white collar crimes at both the state and federal level. We help doctors, bankers, accountants, agents and all other professionals who suddenly find themselves being investigated or charged with serious crimes.


Working With You To Build The Right Defense For You

Your life will change dramatically as a result of your case. It can be a troubling experience at first to be charged with a crime, but know that there are things we can do to help make the entire process easier for you. Our attorneys understand what sort of issues you need to address as things move forward. You can depend upon us for an honest review of your options and for tailored advice that helps you make important decisions in your case.

Our attorneys help defend against a number of white collar charges, including:

  • Embezzlement and money laundering
  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud
  • Mail fraud, bank fraud and wire fraud
  • RICO cases
  • Prescription drug crimes

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