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Employment contracts must make allowances for military personnel

Entering into an employment agreement with a company in Kentucky involves an understanding between the employer and employee that certain terms and conditions of employment will be met by both parties. The employer will pay the employee for work performed and the employee agrees to do the work. Some jobs have a regular five day a week schedule and others, such as movie theaters, have a variable schedule. Employment contracts stipulate that an employee agrees to be available as scheduled. There is an exception for military personnel.

Employment handbooks may include pregnancy accommodations

Finding out that she is expecting a baby can be one of the happiest moments in a woman's life. That is unless she fears losing her job if her employer finds out. A new law passed in Kentucky will serve to protect women against workplace discrimination in the event of a pregnancy. The law also stipulates that workplaces must make reasonable accommodations for pregnant and/or nursing mothers. These accommodations may be included in employment handbooks going forward to offer women a little more job security.

Overly restrictive employment contracts impact retirement

People in Kentucky and all around the country are living longer and healthier lives. One of the results of this is that people look to continue working longer, either for personal or financial reasons. Until recently, a person retired from working for the State of Kentucky risked losing retirement benefits if he or she did not comply with employment contracts that stipulated the terms of re-employment following retirement.

Employment handbooks should address reasonable accommodation

As employers, Kentucky companies must adhere to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This includes providing reasonable accommodations to an employee with a disability. How the companies plan to do so should be included in their employment handbooks.

Fire fighters deserve fair hourly wage and overtime compensation

First responders are among the hardest working people in Kentucky. They risk their lives to go to the aid of people in harm's way on a daily basis and deserve to be fairly compensated with an hourly wage for doing so. This should include receiving overtime pay for overtime worked.

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