Individuals in Kentucky who are bringing their own assets into their marriages often worry about what would happen to their property if they ever got divorced. A prenuptial agreement can help provide them with some protection if their marriages dissolve. Of course, spouses-to-be should handle any discussion of this topic with sensitivity as it is often a difficult conversation to have.

Many people are marrying later in life. As a result, they come into the marriage wealthier than they would have if they were just beginning in their careers. Some individuals may have money from their families. In any event, a prenuptial agreement will help determine ahead of time which assets each party would keep if they got divorced. The agreement must not be so one-sided as to be unconscionable, but most prenuptial agreements will hold up in court if they are ever challenged.

More people are requesting a prenuptial agreement these days because it provides protection in several different scenarios. It can also prevent a drawn-out and contentious divorce in which each party fights bitterly over the marital estate. A prenuptial agreement is an investment on the front end to save potential problems if the marriage does not work. While this agreement is not suitable for everyone, it certainly helps in many situations and should be explored before marriage.

A prenuptial agreement is a document that is difficult for two parties to draw up on their own. While it seems paradoxical, consulting with a divorce attorney before the marriage begins is the best way to prevent a contentious divorce down the road. A lawyer can help draft the prenuptial agreement and assist his or her clients with reaching an agreeable solution. It is important to know that each person needs his or her own attorney in order to negotiate a prenuptial agreement.