As a general rule, fathers in Kentucky and throughout the country are given the opportunity to have a relationship with their children. This is because it is in the child’s best interest to have both parents in his or her life, regardless of whether they were ever married. Mothers may benefit from allowing fathers to have visitation rights as it means that they won’t have to raise their children alone. This can give them time to focus on their careers or other interests that they may have.

It is not uncommon for custody or visitation schedules to accommodate a parent’s work schedule. For instance, the noncustodial parent might spend time with a son or daughter when the custodial parent has to work late or when that person is out of town on business. Parents are encouraged to learn how to communicate and work together as reducing conflict can benefit both the adults and the child.

While it is possible for parents to operate under an informal visitation agreement, it may be best to put the agreement’s terms into writing. Doing so may make it easier for a judge to create a reasonable ruling in the event of a custody or visitation dispute. It might also allow the parents to resolve issues on their own as opposed to doing so in a courtroom.

Even if a child’s parents are unmarried, they are still responsible for raising that child until he or she becomes a legal adult. An attorney may provide insight and guidance to those who are seeking visitation or child custody rights to their children. Individuals may maximize their chances of obtaining custody or visitation rights by remaining in close proximity to their children. Mothers or fathers who want joint custody of a son or daughter might want to consider taking parenting classes.