A Kentucky divorced parent who has supervised visitation with a child is only permitted to spend time with the child when someone else, such as a social worker or family member, is also present. Supervised visitation may be ordered in cases when one parent is unsafe for the child to be around. This could be for reasons such as domestic abuse or drug or alcohol problems.

Supervised visitation may be permanent or temporary. For example, if one parent has alleged that abuse is happening, the other parent may be restricted to supervised visitation until an investigation is completed. A judge may also make changing the custody arrangement contingent on a certain behavior, such as completing a drug rehabilitation program. The parent might then have to return to court to request an order modification.

In most cases, a judge specifies who will be present for the visitation. The child may be taken to the parent’s house, or there may be an agreement to meet in a public place. Parents who are on supervised visitation and who want a more flexible arrangement should think about how they could demonstrate their parental fitness to a court. Parents who think their child is unsafe with the other parent may want to inform the judge.

Negotiating child custody can be one of the most difficult elements of a divorce, but some parents are able to do it without having to turn to litigation. Parents who are worried about their child’s safety may need to produce documentation, such as police or medical reports. An attorney may be able to help a parent through this process. As long as the child’s safety is not in question, courts usually assume that time with both parents is in the child’s best interests.