A routine traffic stop in Kentucky on Jan. 7 led to the discovery of illegal drugs worth about $36,000, according to a report from the Boone County Sheriff’s Office. A 49-year-old Olympia man and a 31-year-old Salt Lick woman have been charged in connection with the seized drugs. They are being held at the Boone County Detention Center, and both face drug possession and drug trafficking charges. The man is being detained on a $75,000 bond while the woman is being held on bonds totaling $68,000.

The couple’s Chrysler sedan was pulled over by BCSO deputies on Interstate 75 near Richwood for careless driving and failing to signal before changing lanes. Deputies say that the couple’s behavior and general demeanor led them to suspect that drugs were being concealed in the vehicle. When pressed by the deputies, the man reportedly admitted to possessing a syringe containing heroin and the woman allegedly confessed to possessing cocaine.

When the deputies searched the vehicle, they claim to have discovered about 7 grams of marijuana, approximately 50 grams of heroin, almost 100 grams of powder cocaine and more than 200 grams of methamphetamine. Deputies also seized about $950. A background check revealed that both suspects had outstanding warrants. The man was being sought for violating the conditions of his parole while the woman had active misdemeanor theft and child support warrants.

Criminal suspects have the right to remain silent, and experienced defense attorneys would likely advise individuals to avail themselves of this right if they are pulled over by police officers. This could be very important to remember if a suspect may be charged with serious drug crimes. Admitting to possessing illegal drugs will rarely lead to more lenient treatment. However, it may give police the probable cause they need to obtain a search warrant or conduct a warrantless search.