Sometimes a traffic stop can turn into something else.  A man in Kentucky who was pulled over on suspicion of driving a stolen car may have gotten more than he bargained for — a drug crimes charge. Officers pulled the man over and discovered that the car had indeed been reported stolen. A subsequent search of the car allegedly resulted in finding a backpack containing a plastic bag that held a number of pills.

The incident occurred on a recent morning about 11 a.m. The vehicle, which had been reported stolen, was spotted near Hopkinsville. The accused was 23-year-old male from the area.

The authorities claim that the driver had a suspended license and as well as an outstanding warrant for a probation violation resulting from a felony offense in a prior case. Officers also charged the accused with receiving stolen property valued at less than $10,000 and possession of suspected illegal drugs. He was also charged with driving on a suspended license.

A person pulled over for a traffic stop in Kentucky may be scared, confused and unsure of his or her legal rights. Seeing flashing lights in the rearview mirror can unsettle anyone. A person facing charges for drug crimes connected with a traffic stop is, just like with any other criminal charge, innocent until and unless proven guilty in court. Consulting with a knowledgeable attorney may provide important information regarding the accused’s rights under the law. A lawyer can review the facts and evidence in the case and can advise the client regarding the legal paths that are available.