Finding out that she is expecting a baby can be one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life. That is unless she fears losing her job if her employer finds out. A new law passed in Kentucky will serve to protect women against workplace discrimination in the event of a pregnancy. The law also stipulates that workplaces must make reasonable accommodations for pregnant and/or nursing mothers. These accommodations may be included in employment handbooks going forward to offer women a little more job security.

The law, known as the Kentucky Pregnant Worker’s Act, details the responsibility of an employer to make appropriate allowances and accommodations for pregnant employees. These accommodations may include longer breaks and lighter duty if needed. The law also stipulates that nursing mothers have access to a private space other than a restroom.

The law enjoyed wide bi-partisan support and is seen as a big step forward for Kentucky women. Many women in the past have tried to conceal their pregnancies for as long as possible out of fear of losing their jobs. That fear can lead to stress, which is not good for anyone and can be particularly hard on a pregnant woman.

The Kentucky Pregnant Worker’s Act also stipulates that the changes brought about by the law must be communicated to workers. This can be done by inclusion of the information in employment handbooks. Anyone who is concerned about treatment she or a colleague is receiving at work in regards to a pregnancy may wish to speak with a knowledgeable attorney for clarification of the provisions of the new law.