The drug crisis on Kentucky is an ongoing one and citizens are doing what they believe is their part to help combat the crisis. There is no doubt that it is a real crisis and there are people in the state who are committing  drug crimes involving meth and other drugs. When people are arrested and charged with crimes they have the right to due process as guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.

A recent anonymous call regarding possible drug activity at a home in the caller’s neighborhood resulted in eight arrests of people found at the home with an assortment of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Five of the eight have prior criminal records. The remaining three were charged with possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

The investigating officers reportedly found meth along with assorted scales, syringes and pipes. In addition, a loaded gun was also reported to have been found in the house. The eight people charged are being held at Knox County Detention Center.

People in Kentucky arrested on suspicion of drug crimes, involving meth or other drugs, are presumed innocent until and unless found guilty in a court of law. The accused are entitled to a defense and a jury trial. There are processes and procedures that must be followed by law enforcement officers at the time of an arrest and thereafter. The burden of proving guilt falls to the prosecution and must be supported by competent and relevant evidence gathered in accordance with police procedures. A knowledgeable defense attorney can inform the accused of his or her rights and help to ensure that those rights are protected throughout the criminal justice process.