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Question on medical billing in Medicare and Medicaid fraud

The elderly population is growing at a rapid rate in Kentucky and around the nation. As people age, health may deteriorate, and it can be difficult to know when a symptom is serious and when it is not. Doctors will often counsel patients to err on the side of caution and if there is any doubt to call for an ambulance. A case of Medicare and Medicaid fraud was recently brought against an ambulance company.

Accusation of healthcare fraud can be daunting

The first sound a pregnant mother hears from the child she carries is its heartbeat. The heart starts beating very early during gestation and continues beating until the end of one's life. As Kentucky's population ages, the business of keeping hearts healthy is a very important one. Cardiologists are instrumental in keeping hearts beating longer so people can enjoy longer and healthier lives. Tests and procedures are a fundamental part of the business, but the appearance of impropriety in administering them can lead to charges of fraud.

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