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Can a drug conviction impact financial aid eligibility?

Chances are, when you become a parent, you expect that your child will sometimes act out, but you probably hope that he or she will get most of that out of his or her system before starting college. Regrettably, though, many teens and young adults experiment with alcohol or drugs once they enter their college years, even though doing so can potentially lead to some very serious consequences.

Investigation of drug crimes results in multiple arrests

The opioid addiction crisis continues to rage throughout the United States. Kentucky is one of the hardest hit areas, ranking 5th in overdose deaths in 2017, the most recent year for which complete numbers are available. In an effort to stem the flow of the drugs, a recent federal investigation culminated in many arrests and drug crimes charges. A Kentucky doctor from Sycamore Township was among those arrested.

An accusation of fraud is a potentially serious offense

Medicare and Medicaid are both very large complex bureaucracies. Navigating that bureaucracy can be a challenge for anyone in Kentucky or elsewhere. A health care fraud case in another state recently implicated a health care executive in what is considered to be the largest Medicare fraud case ever.

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