Because a divorce can be such a trying process, having the right support can be critical. One of the most important supporters during the divorce process is your attorney.

If you are considering your options, look for these key characteristics in selecting a helpful attorney for your divorce.


While a general attorney may be able to represent you during your divorce proceedings, an attorney who specializes in divorce will have intricate knowledge of divorce laws, as well as experience with various, complex divorce cases. This can be very beneficial to your divorce and aid in you reaching the outcome you desire. The attorney can also give you a strong insight into important matters throughout the process such as arranging a proper custody agreement.


To build a strong case and to ensure the proper division of assets, you will need access to various documents, files, accounts and more. While there are some that you may already have, others may require additional action. A skilled divorce attorney can identify what pieces of information you need, as well as the most efficient mode of obtaining them. This can help to relieve stress from you, as well as tension from the situation as a whole.


Proper communication is vital in divorce proceedings. Not only must your attorney communicate with the other party on your behalf, but a dedicated attorney should also keep you informed throughout the process. Also, considering that this is a life-altering matter, you should feel comfortable in communicating and sharing with your attorney. Therefore, before making your selection, it may be beneficial to consult with an attorney you may be interested in hiring. Pay attention to how attentive the attorney is to your questions and concerns. 

Every person is different, and therefore, so are their needs. Along with these characteristics, consider what additional factors would make you most comfortable with your choice for an attorney.