The opioid drug crisis continues to plague Kentucky. In addition to the addiction crisis that continues to be fed by the influx of illegal drugs, other crimes associated with illegal drugs are becoming prevalent. These crimes include money laundering.

A recent money laundering indictment accused two people of laundering nearly $400,000 in cash that had allegedly stemmed from drug sales. The couple, a man and wife, have been on the criminal justice system’s radar since 2017. The husband was then charged with drug trafficking following a raid on the couple’s home. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency claims they received information showing the wife was continuing to launder money.

According to a police report, officers began subsequent surveillance of the residence in November of 2018. They claimed that they observed the husband entering the home and leaving with a large bag. Authorities said they stopped the husband and found $150,000 of cash in the bag. A subsequent search of the house and car allegedly turned up and additional $200,000 in cash. The husband is in custody, and a warrant has been issued for the wife’s arrest.

A person can have many reasons for having a large amount of cash on hand. Being charged with a crime does not mean that one is guilty of the crime in Kentucky. A person facing criminal charges, including for money laundering, is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law. The burden of proof of guilt falls on the prosecution and must be borne out by the evidence presented.