First responders are among the hardest working people in Kentucky. They risk their lives to go to the aid of people in harm’s way on a daily basis and deserve to be fairly compensated with an hourly wage for doing so. This should include receiving overtime pay for overtime worked.

In a recent case, a long, drawn-out dispute was settled between Louisville and 17 firefighters and dispatchers. The case had gone on for 18 years. A jury recently awarded the firefighters and dispatchers over $100,000 in overtime pay, including accrued interest. The members of the suit had been working 56 hour weeks but were not compensated by the city for the overtime hours.

The firefighters are only asking for what they believe is owed to them. They vow to continue serving and protecting the people of Louisville, according to the vice president of the local firefighter’s union. It is expected that the Metro Government will appeal the ruling.

The working people of Kentucky are entitled to a fair hourly wage for work performed. This should include being compensated for accumulated overtime. If a person in Louisville or elsewhere in the state believes he or she is being treated unfairly regarding compensation, he or she may benefit from consulting with a lawyer experienced in handling employment compensation cases. A knowledgeable attorney can review the circumstances of one’s situation and may be able to offer advice regarding a possible civil suit. If a civil suit is a possible option, one may receive compensation for lost or overdue wages.