White collar crime is a serious offense in the state of Kentucky. There is a recent case involving a man from out of state and his associates that involves an attempt to defraud health insurers and steal identities from unsuspecting residents of Jeffboat. Money laundering is also among the charges brought by the Assistant United States Attorney.

A gentleman from Florida was recently found guilty of health care fraud, identity theft and money laundering. The man, along with six others, was found guilty of recruiting chiropractors to work in the Louisville area. The group then recruited patients for the chiropractors and used the chiropractors’ billing information and the patients’ information to fraudulently bill insurance companies for expensive injections that were never administered.

The verdict was reached after a three-week trial. The case had been investigated by the FBI, the US Postal service, the Internal Revenue Service and the Louisville Police Department. Sentencing will take place at a later date.

White collar crime is a prevalent issue in Kentucky. A person arrested on suspicion of a crime, such as money laundering, may be frightened, confused and unsure of his or her rights. A person in such a position may wish to seek the counsel of an experienced criminal law attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer can review the case and advise the client as to his or her legal options under the law. An attorney will work to arrive at the best possible outcome for his or her client and may be able to bring a calming presence to a scary situation.