In a recent case in another state three people were found guilty concerning a scheme to defraud Medicare of over $17 million. Medicare and Medicaid fraud are serious issues in the state of Kentucky and across the country. The three people named in the case were a physician and two clinic owners.

The three individuals reportedly conspired to defraud Medicare by falsely certifying patients’ medical records and needs.  The physician falsified the patient information and medical needs. The clinic owners sold the records to home health care providers who were co-conspirators in the scheme. They in turn billed Medicare for services not needed or not provided.

The alleged crime came under the investigation of the FBI, the Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General and the Texas Attorney General. According to the report, the scheme occurred from Dec. 2011 to Aug. 2015. Sentencing in the case is scheduled to occur in December.

Medicare and Medicaid fraud, and white collar crimes in general, are a serious problem in Kentucky. A person facing such charges may not be clear regarding what one’s rights are when facing such serious allegations, and he or she will want to consult with an experienced criminal law attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer can review the facts of the case and advise the client of the available legal paths. Federal criminal proceedings are complicated, and convictions are often followed by significant prison sentences. With so much on the line, an accused individual will want to have the very best professional advice and assistance at every stage of the proceedings.