One of the most complicated issues that you and your former spouse have dealt with after your divorce is your custody arrangement. Between work, your social life and other family obligations, maintaining the custody schedule has often been confusing. Now that a new schoolyear has started, your children will probably have academic and extracurricular activities that will complicate the schedule even more.

To make your life simpler, we have compiled a few helpful tips for navigating child custody and co-parenting during the upcoming schoolyear.

  • Discuss goals

Have a frank, open discussion with your children and your partner about goals for the schoolyear. You can discuss topics like grades, socializing and family time. Making sure that you are on the same page will make it easier for your child to reach these goals.

  • Create a calendar

One of the simplest ways to keep track of time is with a calendar. You can choose a calendar for each individual child, or one main calendar for the whole family. Write down important dates relating to your custody schedule, holidays and homework deadlines.

  • Agree to disagree

You, your children and your former spouse will probably not agree on everything. Each household may have different rules. Sometimes, it may be necessary for you and your ex to compromise and disagree on certain school issues.

Coping with a divorce is never easy for children—or their parents. It is up to mothers and fathers to create a healthy environment in which their children can handle the divorce in a healthy way while succeeding in school. Many mothers and fathers turn to outside help from teachers, counselors, family law attorneys or religious leaders. But with dedication to co-parenting and a custody schedule, divorced parents can help their children have a safe, happy and healthy schoolyear.