If you’ve ever been arrested, doubtless you wanted the experience to be over as quickly as possible. To put whatever potential mistake behind you and move on with your life. This can mean accepting a plea deal, just to get the ordeal over with.

Unfortunately, more and more people are discovering that a conviction has consequences for a very long time. Some of the ways a criminal conviction can impact your life for years afterward include:


Background checks are required for most homeowner associations or public housing. Depending on company policy, a simple arrest can disqualify your application. Furthermore, some companies prohibit anyone with a criminal background from living on the premise.

As housing in Lexington becomes harder to come by, a criminal record can be the deciding factor in landing a new condominium or getting into a housing community.

Any criminal conviction, no matter the crime, can affect your family’s options for housing.


The majority of jobs require a background check with your application. While the standards are different for each employer, a conviction of any misdemeanor may be enough to dismiss your resume. Even if you’re well-qualified, the company may go with someone else because of your criminal history.

Some professions disqualify all applicants with criminal histories. You won’t get past the initial application phase. Other companies may limit promotions to those who maintain a clean background. A conviction limits your choices of a career and how much you can earn.

Volunteer Opportunities

Many non-profit organizations disqualify anyone with a criminal record from volunteering altogether. Church-based organizations and groups that work with children often have rules prohibiting volunteers with a criminal record.

Schools also have strict policies against criminal records. They may prohibit volunteering in the classroom or coaching sports teams. Your brush with the law can prevent you from coaching your child’s soccer team or volunteering for the PTA.

Unfortunately, a conviction of any criminal charge can have far-reaching effects throughout your life. This is why any criminal charges should be vigorously contested.

If you have been accused of a crime, a skilled criminal defense attorney can help you weigh your options.