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The far-reaching effects of a criminal conviction

If you’ve ever been arrested, doubtless you wanted the experience to be over as quickly as possible. To put whatever potential mistake behind you and move on with your life. This can mean accepting a plea deal, just to get the ordeal over with.

Unfortunately, more and more people are discovering that a conviction has consequences for a very long time. Some of the ways a criminal conviction can impact your life for years afterward include:

3 tips for winning child custody during divorce

You know in your heart that you have a commitment to winning custody of your child. But you may feel overwhelmed when it comes to proving you deserve custody. You may also be dreading a drawn-out battle with your ex-spouse. 

All custody negotiations and divorces are unique, and there is no fool-proof way to ensure you get custody every time. However, here are three tried and true guidelines you should follow to increase your chances of seeing favorable results:

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