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An accusation of fraud is a potentially serious offense

Medicare and Medicaid are both very large complex bureaucracies. Navigating that bureaucracy can be a challenge for anyone in Kentucky or elsewhere. A health care fraud case in another state recently implicated a health care executive in what is considered to be the largest Medicare fraud case ever.

The accused man was charged with paying kickbacks to entice doctors to recommend patients to his nursing homes over a period of seven years. He was also accused of bribery related to paying a regulator to inform him in advance of nursing home inspection visits. The individual owns several homes across the country.

Child custody can be complicated

Divorce is never easy and seldom entered into lightly in Kentucky, especially when young children are involved. While there are many issues that need to be settled and negotiated in a divorce, child custody can be one of the most challenging. It can be fraught with emotion, and the well-being of the children, which should be the first consideration, can get lost in the ensuing conversations. Understanding custody in a legal sense may be helpful.

There are two parts to custody: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody refers to the parent with whom the child spends the majority of his or her time. Legal custody involves who has the right to make decisions for the child. These decisions include who makes decisions on issues ranging from school trips to health care decisions. Legal custody can be shared meaning each parent has equal say in making decisions.

Stolen truck leads to charges of drug crimes

The drug problem plaguing the country continues to be a serious problem in Kentucky.  A recent stolen vehicle case led to multiple charges being brought against three people. The three have been accused of drug crimes and at last report were being held in Graves County Jail.

A detective encountered an abandoned vehicle and apparently determined that it had been reported as stolen. The truck was believed to have been stolen by a man who was possibly armed. A warrant was issued for the man's arrest. According to reports, the suspect was possibly armed with two handguns.

Characteristics of a helpful divorce attorney

Because a divorce can be such a trying process, having the right support can be critical. One of the most important supporters during the divorce process is your attorney.

If you are considering your options, look for these key characteristics in selecting a helpful attorney for your divorce.

Fraud can strike credit unions

Credit unions offer valuable services to their members. The ability to bank with a company affiliated with one's employer can offer flexibility and inspire confidence that a large bank may not be able to duplicate. Credit unions in Kentucky and around the country have enjoyed popularity for this reason, but they are not immune from being charged with fraud.

A recent case involving the Louisville Metro Police Officers' Credit Union is a case in point. The financial institution is being accused of fraud. The accusation implicates the credit union and a former vice president. According to the charges, fake loans were set up that then showed a history of missed payments and causing the account holder's credit rating to go down. Though the loans were allegedly fake, the accounts the loans were reportedly attached to were real.

A case of wire fraud or defamation?

A company involved in helping schools acquire and maintain technology is under fire for possibly having misappropriated funds. Two employees of the company have been charged with wire fraud. The two work for a Kentucky business that helps schools and libraries to obtain the funds needed to purchase internet access and other telecommunication services.

One man allegedly benefited from proceeds from the program. The charges allege that money went from the program into his personal accounts beginning in 2000 and continuing through 2014. The charges also include allegations of using financial incentives and gifts to steer business toward the accused. The business in question no longer exists.

Employment handbooks should address reasonable accommodation

As employers, Kentucky companies must adhere to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This includes providing reasonable accommodations to an employee with a disability. How the companies plan to do so should be included in their employment handbooks.

Knowing this and doing it may not be the same thing, however. The policies and procedures in those handbooks need to outline that people with disabilities have the same opportunities when it comes to applying for a job, being hired for a job, being promoted in a job and more. Employees with disabilities have the same access to benefits and privileges as everyone else and are not subject to discrimination, harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination.

Money laundering may be an offshoot of the drug crisis

The opioid drug crisis continues to plague Kentucky. In addition to the addiction crisis that continues to be fed by the influx of illegal drugs, other crimes associated with illegal drugs are becoming prevalent. These crimes include money laundering.

A recent money laundering indictment accused two people of laundering nearly $400,000 in cash that had allegedly stemmed from drug sales. The couple, a man and wife, have been on the criminal justice system's radar since 2017. The husband was then charged with drug trafficking following a raid on the couple's home. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency claims they received information showing the wife was continuing to launder money.

5 simple mistakes that can ruin high-net-worth divorces

If you and your spouse are facing a high-net-worth divorce, you may be dreading what could be a long, drawn-out process. You may be willing to do anything just to get the divorce behind you.

Even if time is an issue, you should proceed carefully. Take a deep breath, keep your head and do not make errors due to haste. Here are five mistakes you should avoid in your divorce.

Couple charged with trafficking in meth

The drug crisis is nothing new. Appalachia, like most of the rest of the country, has its share of problems with drug trafficking and drug use. A couple from Bell County in Kentucky were recently arrested and charged with drug trafficking. A quantity of meth was among the drugs reportedly found when the couple were arrested.

The arrest came after a joint investigation conducted by the Appalachia Narcotics division and the Bell County Sheriff's Office. The investigation was carried out over a period of several months. During this time several drug purchases were allegedly made between investigators and the suspects.

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