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Fire fighters deserve fair hourly wage and overtime compensation

First responders are among the hardest working people in Kentucky. They risk their lives to go to the aid of people in harm's way on a daily basis and deserve to be fairly compensated with an hourly wage for doing so. This should include receiving overtime pay for overtime worked.

In a recent case, a long, drawn-out dispute was settled between Louisville and 17 firefighters and dispatchers. The case had gone on for 18 years. A jury recently awarded the firefighters and dispatchers over $100,000 in overtime pay, including accrued interest. The members of the suit had been working 56 hour weeks but were not compensated by the city for the overtime hours.

When doctors divorce, they face unique challenges

Medicine is more than just a profession. For many doctors, it is an integral part of their lives. Being a physician involves much more than simply going to an office, talking to a few patients and going home.

That's why it can be particularly complicated when a doctor and his or her partner divorce. There are unique complications that most other couples will not face. When going through a divorce, doctors should take into consideration some of the unique complications that may come up during the process.

Medicare and Medicaid fraud involved in health care scheme

In a recent case in another state three people were found guilty concerning a scheme to defraud Medicare of over $17 million. Medicare and Medicaid fraud are serious issues in the state of Kentucky and across the country. The three people named in the case were a physician and two clinic owners.

The three individuals reportedly conspired to defraud Medicare by falsely certifying patients' medical records and needs.  The physician falsified the patient information and medical needs. The clinic owners sold the records to home health care providers who were co-conspirators in the scheme. They in turn billed Medicare for services not needed or not provided.

What can an attorney do to help you through your divorce?

If you are planning to split from your spouse, you may be wondering, "Do I need a divorce attorney?" You may hear conflicting opinions from various sources. But what happens if you cannot handle the complexities of your divorce on your own? 

Getting help from a family law lawyer is a smart idea for most people considering divorce. Here are some ways a divorce lawyer can help you end your marriage smoothly:

Custody and co-parenting tips for the new schoolyear

One of the most complicated issues that you and your former spouse have dealt with after your divorce is your custody arrangement. Between work, your social life and other family obligations, maintaining the custody schedule has often been confusing. Now that a new schoolyear has started, your children will probably have academic and extracurricular activities that will complicate the schedule even more.

To make your life simpler, we have compiled a few helpful tips for navigating child custody and co-parenting during the upcoming schoolyear.

Money laundering among charges in a recent case

White collar crime is a serious offense in the state of Kentucky. There is a recent case involving a man from out of state and his associates that involves an attempt to defraud health insurers and steal identities from unsuspecting residents of Jeffboat. Money laundering is also among the charges brought by the Assistant United States Attorney.

A gentleman from Florida was recently found guilty of health care fraud, identity theft and money laundering. The man, along with six others, was found guilty of recruiting chiropractors to work in the Louisville area. The group then recruited patients for the chiropractors and used the chiropractors' billing information and the patients' information to fraudulently bill insurance companies for expensive injections that were never administered.

The far-reaching effects of a criminal conviction

If you’ve ever been arrested, doubtless you wanted the experience to be over as quickly as possible. To put whatever potential mistake behind you and move on with your life. This can mean accepting a plea deal, just to get the ordeal over with.

Unfortunately, more and more people are discovering that a conviction has consequences for a very long time. Some of the ways a criminal conviction can impact your life for years afterward include:

3 tips for winning child custody during divorce

You know in your heart that you have a commitment to winning custody of your child. But you may feel overwhelmed when it comes to proving you deserve custody. You may also be dreading a drawn-out battle with your ex-spouse. 

All custody negotiations and divorces are unique, and there is no fool-proof way to ensure you get custody every time. However, here are three tried and true guidelines you should follow to increase your chances of seeing favorable results:

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